Modest Christmas Dresses under $200

Merry Christmas from the Halls! With this being our baby boy’s first Christmas this year, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to take Christmas family pictures! My sister, Autumn, took our pictures while she stayed with us.

In this photo shoot, I’m wearing THIS cotton dress from The J. Peterman Company. I’m really glad I discovered this clothing company! I’m all about natural fabrics, and the elegant/classic style, and they offer dresses made from materials like cotton, silk, and wool. Their dresses are romantic and vintage. Another bonus about the dress I purchased is that the buttons make it nursing-friendly! I will be linking a few other Christmas dress ideas from this same company below, as well as ideas from other clothing companies.


Since I’ve been educating myself on the superior and healthier choice of natural fabrics versus synthetics, I have been much more selective about what I purchase. All of these Christmas dresses I will link to are mostly made from materials like cotton, silk, and wool. If you want really cheap dresses (and lower-quality dresses) made from fabrics like polyester, don’t search here, as none of the options will be around $20. But even if you are seeking higher-quality and healthier clothing options, you can still find some that are budget-friendly! They may not be dirt cheap, but they can certainly be affordable and way better than designer prices! Silk is the king of natural fabrics, and it can be especially expensive… but I’ve found several that are under $200!

My husband and I are on a budget, so I don’t buy all the expensive dresses whenever I want. We have a specific category for “shopping”, and every month I have a certain amount of money I can spend. This could allow me to buy multiple cheaper items, or one or two dresses that are higher-quality. Once you learn how to prioritize what you really need and want, you can manage your savings better in order to allow room to purchase them. The Christmas dress in our pictures is the one I chose to purchase for this month.


Here are some modest Christmas dress ideas made from cotton: 

THIS Nostalgic button-front dress for $179 from The J. Peterman Company (the one I’m wearing). Nursing-friendly.

THIS Elbow sleeve 1947 dress for $169 from The J. Peterman Company in the color Red. Nursing-friendly.

THIS Fab Imagination Organic Cotton Dress from ModCloth for $149.

THIS Fabulous fit and flare dress with pockets from ModCloth for $129 (note: this dress is not all made from 100% cotton, but the first lining is 100% cotton, and it was too cute not to include)

THIS Antonio Melani Bowie Decadent Blooms Floral Print Puff Shoulder Midi Dress from Dillards for $199

And THIS (for the pregnant Mamas) Nancy stretch lace maternity dress for $88 from Nordstrom.


Modest Christmas dress ideas made from silk: 

THIS Body flattering silk shirt dress for $129.99 from Lilysilk. Nursing-friendly.

THIS Retro inspired silk dress for $199.99 from Lilysilk. Nursing-friendly.

And THIS Vintage round neck silk little black dress $89.99 from Lilysilk.


Modest Christmas dress ideas made from merino wool and cashmere: 

THIS Merino wool Cortina Turtleneck Dress for $179 from the J. Peterman Company

And THIS Cashmere turtleneck sweater dress on sale for $175 from Neiman Marcus in the color Forest.


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  1. Love your dress! And those other dresses look nice too. It’s hard to find companies that make pretty dresses with good materials. Almost everything is polyester anymore ;/

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