Meadow Hall, age 23, lives in Tennessee with her Husband Kendall and their firstborn infant son Warren. She is passionate about modest and classy fashion; embracing Biblical Womanhood and the role of being a Wife and Mother; Defending life and Biblical Values; and embracing traditional femininity in a culture overtaken by feminism.

Meadow Hall has also written songs and released an EP back in 2014.

You can find her EP on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/because-i-will-ep/id948883667




  1. Dear Meadow ~ I am so excited to see you have your own blog! I’ve been reading the Above Rubies magazines since the age of ten and loved seeing how all the children have grown up over the years… A dear friend of mine recently introduced me to your beautiful music and I must tell that I love it:). I look forward to reading more of your lovely blog! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne


  2. Hi Meadow, great blog. I have followed Above Ruby’s for a long time and I remember spending a weekend with your Mom and Serene at a retreat several years ago, and they both signed my CD cover, what a happy day.
    I am glad that you have put out your own CD. I want to be a singer and song writer, I have already been writing my own lyrics and I can sing but I really don’t play any instruments and I don’t know how to begin to create a CD. I am using Musescore to try to write my own music but I would like to be able to create more upbeat music which is a little hard to do on the program. Can you give any hints or tips?
    My email is Music.Lover@mail.com
    and my blogs are https://amazinggracethatsaved.wordpress.com/
    and https://femininegmusic.wordpress.com/


  3. Meadow, Just so you know, a little while ago I posted the post you wrote on your friend Serenity’s blog. Here is your post on my blog,https://atullworld.wordpress.com/
    You have to scroll down to find it but it is there. I hope that was ok, should of checked first, sorry


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