The Festive French Girl Look

The Festive French Girl Look

I’m all about classic and feminine fashion. Ladylike, chic, sophisticated, elegant and classy are a few of my favorite style descriptions . . . And I’ve recently discovered that adding a beret, to an otherwise simple outfit, instantly achieves that look.

The beret I am wearing is this one from Amazon in wine red. Before purchasing a beret online, I had done some research to find one that would be comfortable, because I had read reviews that some of the other brands were too tight. I was satisfied to discover that this beret is super soft, stretchy and sits very comfortably! I would like to eventually acquire more in different colors.

With it being the Christmas season, red was my first choice. I had considered finding a classic red beret, but I wanted to try this brand first which only had wine red. I was also concerned about a bright red beret clashing with my red hair. However, I often times ignore the somewhat old-fashioned rule that redheads shouldn’t wear red. I’ve received compliments in bright red before, and red also happens to be my husband’s favorite color . . . So why not? I think I’ll have to try the bolder classic red at some point!

But let’s get back to wine red. I love wine red for winter. It adds some color without being too loud. And it adds warmth. It looks festive in a more relaxed kind of way. It’s very sophisticated and in my opinion, pairs more nicely with black than a classic red.

Along with my beret, I am wearing a basic black turtleneck (here’s a cotton one from Nordstrom, and another cotton one from EVERLANE ), a black coat, a wine red skirt with small white dots (although it doesn’t have dots, here’s another fun vintage pleated cotton skirt on Amazon ), black tights and black heels.

I was told that I really achieved the “French girl” look when I wore this outfit one day, and someone else commented on one of my pictures to say that I was looking “Festive”. So there you have it . . . The Festive French Girl Look!

Thanks to my little sis, Autumn Barrett, for taking these pictures! She’s been staying with us for the week and helping look after my baby boy! We’ve had a great time!

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  1. Love this outfit! You definitely look like a classy Parisian girl! And I think the wine red makes your lovely locks look even richer. What a cute skirt, too! 🙂


  2. Nice beret – adds a lovely finishing touch! And great photos Autumn! I would interested to know what you use for your hair care because your hair looks very healthy. My family (especially my Mom, sisters and I) have been so blessed by your Grandmother and the challenge and encouragement she brings to others. It’s also been beautiful watching you blossom into a wife and mother 🙂 May Jesus be with your family.


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